What Qualities Make NSB Bangalore Different from Other B-Schools

The MBA program you prefer should share your career objectives. It should nourish your zeal The B-school you select should open entryways to the path of recognizing your goals. It should equip you to deal with the demands of your career.

The NSB Bangalore thinks of teaching methods they provide is best suitable with the several challenges that you will experience all through your career. Here, you will partake in theoretical overviews, discussions, case studies, problem-solving sessions, simulations, role-plays, and team projects. In tomorrow’s organizations, no solitary approach will productively meet up all challenges.

·         The Exchange Program
The Exchange Program will offer you the chance to widen up your knowledge base and learn in a multicultural environment.

·         Adventure Learning
The Adventure learning enables the students to learn from experiences. It is the learning through the reflection on doing. The institute empowers the aspirants to widen up their knowledge base by participating in several forms of experience-based learning.

·         Global Mindset Trail
The Global Mindset Trail is designed to be a life changing business as well as personal experiences for those who participate.

·         Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistantships enable the aspirants to acquire hands-on work experience as well as open the possibility of earning while learning.

·         Student Consulting
In Student Consulting, students behave like consultants to resolve real-time business issues in an organization. Dissimilar to in internships, in consulting projects you are needed fantastic business understanding and aptitudes in analytical, consulting and research abilities.

·         Industrial Visits
Industrial visits are a basic part of their program. They are expected to giving you a chance to recognize the workplace, procedures and business practices of an organization.

·         Personality Development
Personality development programmes are planned to upgrade a person's level of sense of duty regarding society, teach ethical values, enhance interpersonal abilities as well as build up a positive attitude.

With your National School of Business education, in any case, you will have the broadness and profundity of management preparation t to address the difficulties ahead. 
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